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Cycling Lake Constance - Cycling Passau Vienna

Why should you have to deal with the agonies of cycling when on holiday?

This is what I love about cycling:

To mount one’s bicycle; feeling the muscles in one’s own body; mastering miles upon miles through one’s own strength; being proud of one’s own achievement; cycling slowly, so as to take in everything that one is surrounded by and one can spontaneously stop when the smell of freshly ground coffee is detectable; enjoying a fresh beer in a beer garden whilst chatting to the locals; helping other cyclists with their flat tyres and feeling great once other cyclists help you with yours; getting hungry by means of a days’ hard physical activity and therefore not having to worry about calories; one’s bewilderment by things one would never have spotted had one been in a car; giving detailed accounts of one’s day; planning the subsequent day – in short: A bicycle holiday!

Cycling Lake Constance - Cycling Passau Vienna

How does an organised bicycle holiday work?


Will I be cycling in a group?

No, you will only be cycling with the people you have specified in your booking. This means there is no time pressure and no peer pressure – you have the free choice of arranging your day.


How does my luggage reach the next hotel?

We offer a dedicated luggage transport service. All you need whilst on your bike (depending on the weather) is adequate clothing and/or swimming gear. If the stage is fairly short, you may want to bring a change of clothes, in case you reach the hotel before the luggage transport driver.


How do I know if I will manage to complete a stage?

If you cycle (on level terrain) at a comfortable pace, this translates to approximately 15 kph / 9.3 mph. So, 4 hours cycling, with as many pauses as you wish in between, gives you a total range of 60 kilometres / 37 miles. This is a doable distance, even for inexperienced cyclists.


What if it rains?

You’ll be surprised how large your tolerance against rain is when you spend the whole day outside. Most of the time, it only rains lightly and adequate clothing makes this absolutely bearable. If there happens to be a sudden shower, there are several inns and pubs along the way which are ideal for a short break. And in any case, in the evening you will be welcomed by a hot shower!


What happens if my bike breaks down, I have an accident, or there is another type of emergency?

We are available by phone between 8 am and 8 pm, 7 days a week. For small issues, such as flat tyres, we provide handy repair kits. In every other case, we will take care of everything that’s necessary: Addresses, workshop appointments, taxis and ambulances. However, please make sure that you are adequately insured.


Can I bring my own bike?

Yes, naturally! Despite the fact that we are happy to provide you with our high quality, well-maintained bikes, you will not have to deny yourself of your own great bicycle.


Cycling Lake Constance - Cycling Passau Vienna